E-waste recycling

child on e-wasteThe Lowveld Green Collaboration Project:
How many outdated cell phones do you have lying around at home? Or fax machines, copy machines, desktops, ink cartridges etc. But where does all the old-fashioned, outdated electronics go?

For the truth about E-waste recycling, click here

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The Lowveld Green Collaboration Project:


The Lowveld Green Collaboration Project:

Would you drink from this river? Just as well, for each drop is ten times more toxic than battery acid…

The thick, mustardy picture depicts a river contaminated by Acid Rock Drainage, a destructive sulphurous toxin leaking from the shafts of an abandoned mine…

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Trees – Lifeblood Of Our Planet

lone tree alliances

Trees – Lifeblood Of Our Planet

A WHOPPING 80% of earth’s forest cover has already been lost to deforestation, while Western Africa has lost 90% of its forest cover over the last century – most of the countries here are now barren landscapes with not a hint of green.

Trees are life and must be protected – click here for more info on this subject

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