Mothersday Competition (Online)

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Supporting our KNP rangers and Care for Wild during lockdown.

Thanks to SPEAR and Heidel Eggs for supporting our KNP rangers and Care for Wild during lockdown.

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A heartwarming week

A heartwarming week at Bagdad. Other than our wonderful restaurants now being in full swing with delivery of food, we also assisted Hope Worldwide SA with space and volunteers to pack 120 food parcels for the destitute children in our local community. Thank you so very much for everyones contribution this week, supporting each other during the covid lockdown, keeping to restrictions like social distancing, masks and sanitizing, whilst reaching out to the less fortunate…
Estelle Roe, volunteers, the team from Junxion Communications and The Bagdad Centre, Heidel Eggs, Picasso’s Mexican Taqueria, Flame & Fusion Restaurant, Possi Foundation, Scouts, Amber Africa Arts & Crafts  … you all rock!
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